was supported by

Madrid Abierto 2004
The Arts Council, England
R.Bau, Sunderland
The City of Sunderland
ETEC, Sunderland
The Fundacion Laboral de la Construcción, Madrid
Olivella I Fills S.L.

Special thanks to: Jorge and his team from Madrid Abierto • Kirsten, Bjert and Ronald from Eurobloque • Paul Webster from R.Bau • The staff from the Telefonica shop nearby • And everybody else involved in this project.

house-madrid was part of Madrid Abierto 2004, directed by Jorge Diez. Madrid Abierto 2004 was funded by Fundación Altadis, Comunidad de Madrid, Fundación Madrid Nuevo Siglio and Fundación Canal. It collaborated with ARCO 2004, Madrid Concejalia de las Artes, tve metropolis, Ministerio de Economica, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Casa de América and Neo2.

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